One of the most important life decisions you will ever have to make is the choice of education for your children

The Verbier International School delivers a world-class educational experience with Swiss high standards, where education goes beyond the curriculum and will provide your children with a learning experience that will last a lifetime. We offer an education from aged 3 to 16 years, for both international and local students.

The Verbier International School is a unique place where children are immersed in a beautiful and safe mountain environment.

Learning at our school is inspired by critical thinking, creativity, and the determination of students to do their best. With a strong emphasis on competitive sports and the arts we believe in developing the personality of each child and helping them become socially aware leaders.

Our teachers employ a mixture of traditional methods happily combined with the use of the latest technologies in order to encourage and motivate their students to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge and build a solid foundation for their future.

The academic programme at the Verbier International School is designed to foster excellence, personal development, and commitment to the community.


Mission Statement

We aim to provide our students with a first-class, well-rounded education while being immersed in a beautiful and safe mountain environment.

Critical thinking, creativity and open mindedness to the cultures and beliefs of others inspire learning at our school.  With a strong emphasis on sports and the arts, we believe in developing the personality of each student and helping them to become principled global citizens.

Our School

Primary School

Secondary School

Our school is located in the heart of the beautiful village of Verbier,  our primary school building is Chalet Mascotte has a large playground in winter and summer and boasts excellent sports facilities within two minutes walk.  The “mascot” is known to bring good luck. Primary aged children love the wooden building with good-sized classrooms and comfortable places to sit and read and relax. Our Science lab is a space for young scientists to experiment and enjoy.  Music lessons take place in our music room, and we also have a balcony vegetable garden in summer months that children love helping with.

Secondary aged children enjoy being in a separate well-equipped building, Chalet Orny which is 1 minute from Place Centrale in the centre of Verbier.  They also have a fantastic playground with access to a multi-use games area for ball games and an adventure playground.  Both buildings have several classrooms of different sizes to be able to teach in full class or in smaller groups.

School Philosophy

We aim at creating the right environment for our students to thrive. We believe that their well-being is key to successful learning and that it can be achieved by avoiding too exclusive a focus on academic results. In our view, our student’s long-term success will best be attained through developing self-confidence, a capacity to cope with more demanding tasks, and self-improvement. Happy, well-balanced children and adolescents are those who feel in control: they will do grow into well-rounded global citizens.

Our academic teaching takes place in small classes, where teachers carefully follow their students’ progress and provide support for their efforts. Every student is recognised as an individual with his or her specific needs and strengths and is challenged accordingly. Our aim is to allow every student to make the best of their talents and to become strong and self-confident adults, unafraid of further challenges.

Learning occurs not only in the classroom but also outdoors, where nature is the challenge. When skiing or hiking, students learn to go outside their comfort zone and learn that they are stronger than they thought. Of course, outdoor specialists who will ensure that health carefully plans our outings and safety regulations are adhered to.

Art, music, and drama allow students to explore their ability to be creative and acquire a better understanding of themselves through reflection.

Living in Verbier

Perched on a sunny plateau in the heart of the mountains, with its slate-roofed chalets, Verbier has carefully maintained its charm as an alpine village.

This is the gateway to the 4 Vallées ski area – with nearly 100 lifts and more than 400 km of ski runs for all levels of expertise at your feet. Mont- Fort, the highest point of the ski area (3’330 m), offers a panorama over the Matterhorn, the Combins and the Mont-Blanc ranges.

Made up of picturesque villages, the Val de Bagnes stretches for more than 25 kilometres, from Le Châble to the impressive Mauvoisin Dam. This is a veritable kaleidoscope of surroundings – from pastures to eternal glaciers – and the region is home to one of Switzerland’s greatest natural reserves.

The language of the region is French but the majority of residents speak English. German is also widely spoken. The views of the surrounding mountains, forests and valleys are spectacular and most properties in Verbier are built in a traditional style, incorporating locally-sourced wood and stone.

Verbier is unrivalled for winter and summer sports, as well as offering many non-sporting and cultural activities, all set in a healthy and safe mountain environment. Businesses and entrepreneurs will also find many advantages to a Canton de Valais location, and Verbier in particular given its international outlook. Verbier proudly hosts international sporting and cultural events every year.

Meet the headmaster

Didier Boutroux joins Verbier International School as its new Headmaster with over 40 years of experience working in the education sector. Mr Boutroux, started teaching from an early age, tutoring at a French boarding school in Nancy, France whilst simultaneously studying for his degree at the Université de Nancy.

After obtaining his degree in History, Geography and History of Art, Mr Boutroux went on to complete a Masters degree in History from the Université de Nancy, France.

After university in France, Mr Boutrox moved to England, where he spent the next nine years as Head of French at (Belmont School, Holmbury St Mary and Amesbury School, Hindhead), promoted to Second Master for the last two years. Through his tenure in England, Mr Boutroux became well acquainted with the British education system and its requirements.

From England he moved to Switzerland to take up the role of House Master at Aiglon College in the mountain town of Villars. He was also called to develop Aiglon’s fledgling Junior school. Within a few years, Mr Boutroux and his wife, Felicity successfully brought the Junior school to life and Mr Boutroux became its Headmaster. For the next 25 years he saw thousands of students pass through its hallowed doors. A keen sportsman, Mr Boutroux readily took up the gauntlet as head coach for Aiglon’s volleyball team, seeing them participate in and win countless trophies at various international school sporting events. During his tenure at Aiglon, Mr Boutroux was a member of the Aiglon College Management team.

In 2010, Mr Boutroux was approached by the Swiss municipality of Crans-Montana in the Canton Valais to join their team in the conception phase and ensuing building of a new international school. Le Régent International School opened its doors to Juniors in 2014 and to Seniors in 2015 and Mr Boutroux was involved in the entire process. From the architect’s drawings to welcoming the first students through its doors; recruiting faculty, setting up the curriculum, finding clients and more, Mr Boutroux was ever-present.

He was called out of retirement in 2020 when Verbier International School came calling. It is an honour and a privilege to have Mr Boutroux’s knowledge, experience and expertise join the team at Verbier International School.