Enrichment Activities

As part of the learning journey for all children we believe that it is vital to plan enrichment activities that keep school life exciting, vibrant and stimulating. Each teacher plans activities for each topic per term. The activities planned are always linked to our curriculum and designed to further develop the learning that is taking place in school.  We use the trips and activities to aid and bring to life the learning that takes place in the classroom. For example, young children may go on a hunt for “minibeasts” after learning about insects in Science lessons; or visit the post office to see what happens to our letters, after writing lessons. Further up the school, we enjoyed cooking workshops with acclaimed local chefs, visited zoos and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Middle School students recently had an overnight trip to Berlin and a great day out visiting the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva. In the Secondary School CAS helps the children to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and an interest in international affairs–qualities which will help them to be ready for IB studies and to be better global citizens. In the Primary School we have introduced Forest School.  Once a week the children travel down to the forest to learn about nature whilst also learning to grow in independence. Our learners have proven this inspirational way works, by already gaining stronger and more positive relationships with their peers and the natural world. Forest School encourages appropriate risk taking, which has already developed more confidence in all our learners.  VIS is proud to provide this amazing opportunity! On top of this, VIS offers each student the possibility to expand their knowledge and interests through a comprehensive set  of artistic, cultural, athletic and technological activities after school or during the school day. Of course skiing is at the core of these activities as a way of life, but activities also include tennis, climbing, dance, karate, football, art, languages, drama and cooking to name a few.


Naturally, skiing is an integral part of our sports programme during the winter season, with comprehensive skiing programmes offered for all levels. Whether preparing for a ski race competition or simply the enjoyment of one of the best skiing areas in the world, we provide opportunities for all our pupils. Students ski twice a week as part of their school day from January to the end of March in what is the biggest and most beautiful ski areas in Switzerland. For the most advanced skiers,  we have our very own VIS Racing Team with competitions throughout Switzerland, as well as our own VIS Freeride Team. Click on the link below for the whole programme.

The 2021-22 VIS Ski Programme

VIS Ski Club

We are also proud to announce the re-opening of the VIS Ski Club on Saturday afternoons from January 9th 2021 to March 27th 2021 (except February 20th) , open both to VIS and non-VIS students aged 4 and up. This is an exclusive club for skiers of all levels, with only a small number of children per group.  With have limited spots available at 400 CHF per child, sign up is now open and based on a first come first serve basis.

Sign up NOW

To find out more or to sign up, please get in touch via email on info@lvis.ch or by phone on (+41) 27 565 26 56.

If you are interested in the Freeride Academy CLICK HERE.

Art & Music

Art and Music both play key roles in the development of imagination, creativity, and self-confidence in our students. At the Verbier International School we nurture and develop artistic talent and encourage students to let their natural instincts guide them.

Music is at the heart of Verbier and the Verbier International School. Every summer Verbier hosts the internationally renowned Verbier Festival, a showcase of classical musical excellence. The Festival is just one source of inspiration for the musical and cultural development of our students.  Music is taught in class and the children love sharing their talents in our end-of-term performances!


– Piano and Violin Music lessons

– Singing

– Pottery

– Painting

– Theatre

– Photography

– Sculpture

– Museum visits & cultural excursions

After School Activities

After School Activities include but are not limited to:

Tech Labs

VIS works with TechLabs to offer students STEM workshops.  They get introduced to Robotics Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, or App Developers Lab.


Robotics Lab – this course allows students to discover the fun of block-coding while developing problem-solving skills to resolve simple to complex robot challenges.  They will work in teams to “train” their cheerful  metal mBots to complete a series of arena-based missions, following an alliance scoring system that rewards cooperation. 

Artificial Intelligence Lab – Students will gain mastery of the HaloCode micro-computer to discover how robots work, think and play.  The students will discover how to turn their hand into a game controller, and build a voice activated robot car that will only respond to the commands of its owner!

App Developers Lab – Using IFTTT and MIT App Inventor students will explore the landscape of ideas underlying a variety of everyday Apps that people use.


Working together with FIVE Advanced Tennis team, we have tennis lessons for the students beside the school or at the sports center.  The coaches offer a program adapted to the students.  By combining the Swiss Tennis methodology and tennis-specific drills, your child will evolve in a minimum of time!


Working together with a local pro we are able to offer the students to play Golf in the best possible conditions.



Students are able to enjoy football outside and learn specific drills and how to play the game.   Football is one of the most well-rounded sports, it helps develop basic skills like running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and broader categories of agility, balance, coordination, movement and speed.



VIS has a great partnership with RC Bagnes which allows us to train students in the basic skills required for Rugby. Passing, movement, and spatial awareness are all improved through rugby training. It also provides students with an introduction to the game if they wish to take it further with a local club.



Together with Acro-Verbier the students can dispense their energy by learning how to do flips and twists and somersaults, headstands and cartwheels.  Students will advance in their equilibrium, coordination and overall physical skills.

Dance Club

Students can learn how to dance and with that they learn how to move their bodies and express themselves.  Dance will inspire the students to improvise their own dance routine and express their creativity further. The most important part about dance is to have fun!

Music Production Club

Together with DJ Niko De Rohan, studetns are able to learn how to create and mix their own music with the use of Ipads.  Music production will help the students become more creative.  They learn how to think in music.

Horseback Riding Club

Horseback riding is a fun and effective way to get students to become more physically active. Horse-riding offers lots of fun to the students.  It allows them to connect to nature, go outside and instill a healthy habit.  Horse-riding helps boost confidence in students.  Learning to “work” with an animal can be quite empowering. 

Other Activities

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Basketball
  • Chess club
  • Computing
  • Cooking
  • Climbing
  • Dance and Zumba
  • Drama
  • Handicrafts
  • Hockey
  • Languages such as French, Spanish and German
  • Quiz Club
  • Sewing
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Woodwork
  • Yoga

Verbier sporting and cultural events

World Cup Ski Alpinisme, January

The Coupe du Monde de Ski-Alpnisme stops by in Verbier for 2 days as one of the stages in the overall competition.

Xtreme Ski (Freeride World Tour), March

As the last stop on the Freeride World Tour, the Xtreme Verbier is truly a one-to-watch event if you are in Verbier at the end of March.


Come watch some of the world’s top speed skiers as they fly down Mont Fort’s steep slope in the World XSpeed Ski Open Race finals. The track starts at 3330m and finishes at 2900m, meaning that competitors hurtle down 880m of piste at speeds of more than 200km per hour!

Patrouille des Glaciers (PDG), April

The course of the legendary team competition PDG starts in Zermatt and leads through Arolla to Verbier.

Artist Residency, June/July

The 3D Foundation selects up to 15 emerging and established artists, for a 5 week sculpture residency based in Verbier, Switzerland. The sculptors are each expected to complete one monumental sculpture each, which will become part of the collection of the Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park and exhibited on the mountain for a minimum of 12 months.

Verbier Music Festival, July

The Verbier Festival proposes an outstanding programme of concerts featuring the biggest names in classical music today, and offers an unprecedented combination of Master Classes and encounters with festival artists.

Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard, July

Every year, Verbier hosts the Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard which is a series of endurance races which attracts athletes from all over the world, where the competitors race distances of 31, 43, 73 or 111 kilometres over incredibly challenging terrain through the heights of Verbier.

Grand Raid, August

Crossing 6 valleys for a total distance of 121kms and a positive vertical gain of 5430m, theGrand Raid is effectively the longest single stage mountain bike race in the world !

Horse Jumping, August

The Verbier International Jumping see’s the best horse riders compete in this prestigious equestrian competition which takes place in the Perrin parking lots by the Sports Center. The infrastructure, which includes an impressive arena, is built to a world class standard attracting both amateur and professional riders.

3D Sculpture Park, Year Round


Tour de France

A legendary stage of the Tour de France was set in Verbier during the summer 2009.

Tour de Romandie and Tour de Suisse

The two major cycle races in Switzerland regularly set stages in Verbier.

Rallye du Valais

The Rallye du Valais has been a steadfast event in the Swiss motoring calendar for many years.