What are the Cambridge IGCSE Exams, and how will they enhance learning at VIS Secondary School?

Most of the Verbier International School community has probably heard by now the great news that we have aligned ourselves with Cambridge University’s Exam Board, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) for Years 10 and 11. Here is some more information for those who might be new to the Cambridge IGCSE exams:

What are the IGCSEs?

Students in England who are between the ages of 14 and 16 prepare for 2 years, then sit a set of exams called GCSE Exams (which stands for General Certification of Secondary Education). Thirty years ago, CAIE created a curriculum aligned with the English GCSEs for international schools. This became known as the IGCSEs, with the ‘I’ standing for ‘International’.

What does this mean for VIS?

Although the Secondary Teachers at VIS have been basing their lessons and long-term planning on the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum for several years, VIS is now able to offer these exams at our own school, and our teachers have access to endless resources and professional development opportunities which will help our students achieve greater success in the long run. With Cambridge’s approval and backing, we are proving to parents that their children are receiving the highest quality of education for 14 to 16-year olds. 

Which subjects does VIS offer?

For this June’s exam series, VIS is offering Year 11 students the possibility to sit the following exams:

Future IGCSE subjects at VIS Secondary School?

During the next couple of years, we are looking to expand our offering to include subjects like Art, Business Studies, Design and Technology, Drama, Physical Education, Spanish Foreign Language and German Foreign Language, to name a few.

What about COVID-19?

It has been confirmed that Cambridge exams are still going ahead for Switzerland for June 2021 Exam Series despite COVID-19 complications. The deadline to register for exams has been extended to March 7th, as per the most recent update from CAIE. This extension gives schools around the world more time to assess what is best for each school and its children.

Each school is allowed to request exemptions to the course content on an individual student basis if his or her learning has been disrupted by coronavirus. VIS will be assessing and applying for exemptions required for our students because of lockdown last Spring 2020.