Documenting Verbier International School Kid’s Activities Through Photography

The easy availability of mobile phones means that you can capture real-time photos and record videos with ease. Photos and videos are crucial not only for the memories they bring along but also in reminding you that life is beautiful.

In a world that’s filled with so much negativity, photos can be everything you need to remain optimistic. Often, people capture images during happy times, and looking back at these can give you hope for the future.

Today, capturing your images has become easy. However, delegating the task to a professional allows you to relax and enjoy the moment. What’s more, professional photographers are skilled in posing, lighting, and editing. They will combine these elements to give you unique photos and videos that you will treasure forever.

At the VIS (Verbier International School) we not only strive to give the kids an exclusive experience, but we also record every activity to remind them of the good times. Craig, the in-house photographer, and videographer at VIS has had an excellent time documenting the kid’s experiences. He says:

I have the privilege of chasing your kid’s ski groups down the piste, camera in hand, trying to get awesome shots of them skiing. This is an absolute pleasure, and I have a blast doing it, but the intention of capturing these moments comes from a deeper place.”

What does it take to be a Successful Photographer?

The advent of camera-enabled phones and digital cameras has disrupted the photography industry. In the past, the industry not only required specialized knowledge and training, but it was also considered highly technical.

Today, technology has evolved, and many people have ventured into photography as a hobby. However, this does not make it easy. To be a successful photographer, you should master various techniques, such as lighting and editing. Photography remains a technical industry, even though this depends on the type of images you are capturing.

Different professional photographers have a different story of their photography journey. For Craig, photography and filming have been part of his life for the longest time. He says:

“whether I am at work, in nature, or at home, my camera is never far from me. I have always loved capturing magic moments in film and editing, recreate the magic that I felt when having the experience. Every now and then, I sit down with loved ones and watch some of our souvenir films.”

Unlike some people in the creative industry who rewatch their work, Craig derives joy from looking back at the beautiful memories he collects. He mentions that:

“Whether it be memorable events, family holidays, or traveling with my girlfriend, I am always amazed at how rewatching these moments brings back so many memories which I otherwise would have forgotten and especially brings back the emotion of the experience. These souvenir films have, without a doubt, become some of my most precious keepsakes.” 

Launching Justbefilms

Craig established Justbefilms out of his passion for photography and commitment to give his customers “the opportunity of them enjoying a special moment (to just be) and have that moment captured and packaged to be enjoyed both now and also later on.”

What Motivates Craig?

Craig is hopes that his images can last for years. He also believes that one day your kids will share beautiful memories of their childhood with their children.

Imagine how cool it’ll be one day when your kids can show your grandkids when they were learning to ski, how they would send it in the snowpark or show the fun times they had with their childhood friends skiing in Verbier. For me, imagining the kids that I film being able to share these kinds of memories makes me happy and motivates me to give them the best souvenir possible.”