The Swiss mountain resort town that hosts the golf and tennis finals is located in Verbier, Switzerland. Located in the heart of the Swiss French Alps, your child could be playing golf and tennis with stunning mountains all around. Until you’ve spent a summer in the Alps, you won’t believe how much you’ve been missing.

Learn with Professional Golf and Tennis World Tour Coaches

The golf and tennis academy is a program that has been tailored by VIS with professional coaches..


3 trainings a week of 1 1⁄2 hours (Monday – Saturday)
• Series of follow-up competition games – 11 tournaments organized throughout the school year
• The program is over the school year – it represents more than 150 hours of training over the school year • Independent study (catch up on school work)
• Price dependent on number of students signed up (for 3 students – approx 2,500 chf per term/student)


Golf is different from all other sports (individual sport – you can play by yourself) (year 5 upwards)
Adaptable for every child
2-3 hours per week
independent practice
free balls during the course
motivation of child to see if they can participate in competition
80 chf / hour
training adaptable (can be tailored to have more at certain periods)


When it comes to extra-curricular activities, VIS is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

VIS has collaborated with Advanced Tennis Camp to offer training to students. Students will have 3 trainings each lasting 1 1/2 hours each every week. There will also be various follow-up competition games.

C. Cornu, the head coach at Advanced Tennis Camp says: “Our team of trainers is highly experienced at all levels. Whether your child is just starting out or already a top-level player, we can offer tennis and physical training programs to suit everyone to maximize their potential in an ideal training environment. It is the experience and professionalism of the team that makes the Advanced Tennis Camp unique with each child receiving individual tuition.”

VIS has a strong belief in the value of sports to enhance your child’s education. There are a host of other activities for your child to participate in, including but not limited to;

  • Triple A Ice Hockey
  • Figure Skating
  • Alpine Ski Racing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Tennis
  • Golf in The Spring
  • Squash
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Indoor Swimming

This is the perfect program if you were curious about having your child try a European experience with a focus on golf and tennis. If you’re interested in trying other extra-curricular activities, this is the best place for you.


  • Switzerland is known as one of, if not the safest country in the world.

  • Limited spots are available for our elite golf and tennis program, based on skill level and interest.

  • Our small class size, between 5 and 20 will ensure that your child gets the close attention they need to receive excellent educational attention

  • No Visa or Immigration headaches for you. We take care of everything.

  • LVIS is located in the southwestern part of Switzerland, 45 minutes from Italy, and 45 minutes from stunning and world-famous Chamonix, France. Your child will have the chance to visit both, as well as other wonderful Swiss villages and cities.

  • Your child will have exposure to many different cultures. Our student body hails from over 20 different countries, and our students speak over 9 languages inside the school.

  • Host families in multiple languages. However, French is the primary and English being the primary language in the school. A multiple language learning experiences like no other!

  • Our host families will take care of your child’s room and board. Eat and experience real Swiss culture and know that your child is in the best care possible.

  • Rolling admissions means you can never be too late to try this once in a lifetime experience. Apply now for your dream come true European Experience.

  • Rolling admissions means you can never be too late to try this once in a lifetime experience. Apply now for your dream come true – Our Verbier Golf and Tennis Academy Experience.

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