Secondary students visit the Gianadda museum in Martigny

On Wednesday the October 10th and Wednesday November 7th, Classes E, F and G went to visit the Foundation Pierre Gianadda Museum, in Martigny.  The gallery featured paintings by Pierre Soulages, a French artist who described his style as « Outrenoir » meaning beyond black.  The students were to freely explore the gallery and find at least one painting of inspirational interest, which they needed to recreate by sketching and answer various questions about their chosen piece.  This was firstly, so that they may discover the different shades of black and reflected light within the painting.  Secondly, sketching artwork may help students better understanding what mindset the artist was in when he was painting.  Abstract expressionism, using mainly black could be challenging for one to appreciate at first.  The challenge never fazed them at all!  It was a great visit and the students are already looking forward to the next exhibition.