Update on Coronavirus March 16

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during this time as we made final arrangements for remote learning.
For safety reasons and for the welfare of our community, our school is closed from Tuesday March 17 until April 30th.  At this moment we are not legally allowed to be open for students.  
However, the learning continues, you have all received the access codes for Seesaw / Google meet and Google Classroom.  
You will soon find a timetable for each class on Schoolstream.
If you need anything from school (building). A teacher will be at school tomorrow (Primary building) at 8h30. Please let us know if you need something and we will organise an appointment at what time to come, as we need to see one person at a time. These visits need to be as short as possible.
During this time, there can be no access to the school’s facilities such as the playground, and around the back of the school (swings and climbing wall).
Today at 17h00 there was a press conference from the Swiss government, they have given more instructions concerning our health and safety around the CoronaVirus.  You can find all information under this link:
(more information at the bottom of this email)
The federal government has asked that everyone stays at home.  We are allowed to go and do our shopping for food / medical supplies.  Everything else is shut (the post office, gas station and banks are open).
Anyone who is vulnerable which is described must stay at home.
It is also very important to continue with “Social distancing”.  This is to slow down the progress of COVID-19 so that the risk of infection among high-risk populations is reduced, which in turn will reduce the burden on health care systems and workers.  It is important that as a community we all do our best to support this approach by following advice.  You need to remain out of crowded public places where close contact with others may occur, to avoid mass gatherings and to maintain distance from others when possible.
Considering this last point, I would like to ask that parents and students avoid making arrangements for study groups, social group outings, or sleepovers.  Please turn to Facetime and Skype to chat with friends.  Call your friends, colleagues and relatives regularly on the phone and see how they are.  Create Whatsapp groups with neighbours, family or friends.  Share how you are getting on and ask other people how they are.  Use social apps to keep up to date and keep in touch.
We will communicate with all of you regularly through updates on Schoolstream or email.  All of the teachers are there for you and can be reached via email and Google Classroom.
If you have any questions, please send an email to Thibaut Descoeudres (secondary) / Julia Pickard (primary).  Any General questions please send to Thibaut Descoeudres (principal@lvis.ch).
We thank you all for your continued support during this unfortunate time and all the VIS staff look forward to our “normal lives” in the near future.
Kind regards,
Thibaut and Vanessa