Switzerland’s largest ski area 

Verbier International School’s ski race academy builds on its wonderful alpine location at the heart of the largest and one of the most prestigious ski resorts in Switzerland to offer outstanding ski instruction and race training up to FIS race standard.

VIS Elite Ski Racing Academy

VIS Elite Ski Racing Academy is a year-round ski programme, including multiple personal training sessions each week, combined with the secondary education at VIS. 

The VIS Race training has been built up in collaboration with the Verbier Swiss Ski School’s best ski race instructors.

The season starts in September where the child prepares with a conditioning trainer twice a week to get ready for the ski season.  Each month from September to December, students will go up to the glacier either in Saas Fee or Zermatt to train on snow. The coach is then able to coordinate with the conditioning trainer to fully prepare the student for race training in the ski season.  In December snow training starts and the students train four afternoons a week with the coach, following the Swiss ski program which starts with GS races, we then move to Super G, combi cross and Slalom.  Training also focuses on technique and stamina so it is not all about gate racing. The students are then signed up into the different ski races that are offered in the region, from the Swiss Ski Circuit  or the SGIS interschool ski competitions and lastly the British Ski race in Pila.  For every race there is a coach and transport is organised for the student to be there and looked after.

During a season, the student continues their school programme, closely followed by their teachers and the student has time to catch up on missed work. This is a challenging programme, but students love the challenge and the added responsibility of a demanding race schedule, and excelling at their school work. 

Benefits of the VIS Ski Academy

  • Switzerland is a safe, progressive country and its health infrastructure and COVID resilience is the best in the world.

  • The elite ski racing programme provides structured and personal attention.

  • VIS is located in the southwestern part of Switzerland, 45 minutes from Italy and 45 minutes from stunning and world-famous Chamonix, France. Your child will have the chance to visit both, as well as other wonderful Swiss villages and cities.

  • Engage in 10 -12 days of ski racing during the autumn, and 36 race training days and skills during the winter.

  • VIS provides the ski academy for boarding or non-residential students.

  • Opportunities for intensive French during all ski race training, extra french classes during the week, and weekends to increase your child’s french proficiency.

  • The school welcomes students for the spring term only.